9 Chic V-Day Gifts for When Your Valentine Is Yourself 

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. Here’s the day in which we buy chocolates and wear intricate undergarments in honor of the people we love. I know you have someone in mind. That someone who inspires the best in you. That someone whose name alone stirs butterflies in your stomach. That someone you put above everyone and anyone else. And not to mention, that someone who’s so beautiful, it hurts sometimes. Oh, we’re not talking about your S.O. here, we’re talking about YOU.

Yes, this year, celebrate yourself! Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be restricted to just honoring the love and admiration you have for other people. Recognizing yourself for all the good that you are should be an essential part of this holiday. And why not start by gifting a pretty little something wherein the tag reads to: myself, from: myself.

From a luxe nightie to that designer handbag you’ve been eyeing, here are 8 splurge-worthy pieces to spoil yourself with.

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