9 Cute and Comfy Sneakers Perfect for Sprinting Through the Airport

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If we’ve learned anything about wardrobe trends in recent years, it’s that stylish and versatile sneakers are a staple in the closet of any discerning traveler. The best part about this trend is how easy it is to travel in total comfort without sacrificing a polished look.

Let’s face it: Unless you’re Chrissy Teigen, traipsing through the airport in high heels and stiff boots can be an added stress (and discomfort) that no one has time for.

Our answer to making a comfy outfit effortlessly cool? A really good pair of kicks that ties the outfit together and still gets you from the security line to Terminal B feeling trendy—and blister-free.

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We’ve seen tons of celebrities coming in and out of airports sporting sneakers paired with everything from a bomber jacket and baseball cap to mixed prints and big sunnies. These sneakers can be worn with jeans and a slouchy sweater, a simple sundress, high-fashion joggers—you name it, and it probably works.

From simple, clean lines and soft colors to statement shoes with state-of-the-art support, this lineup of sneakers is guaranteed to get you through the gate and onto the airplane with all the ease and good taste you could hope for.

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