Katy Perry Launches a Shoe Line, Names Styles After Her Famous Pals

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As if she isn’t busy enough chaining disco balls to objects all around the world to premiere her song “Chained to the Rhythm” and debuting the single at the Grammy’s, Katy Perry has one more big event on her calendar: The pop singer is also gearing up to drop her very first shoe line, Katy Perry Collections, which hit on Thursday, Feb. 16.

“I’ve been courting this idea for several years,” the singer tells People in last week’s issue. “For half my career, people have been asking me when I’m getting into fashion. It’s always been simmering under the surface, but I wanted to do it the right way and be the real creative contributor. This is something that I’ve created from the bottom up.”

And she went big. Her debut is gigantic—40 pieces total!—and it features mini capsules within it, such as Havana-inspired shoes, like The Cleo, a platform mule that features a cigar as a heel, money-inspired shoes like The Richie booties with dollar signs, and a pair printed with “currency” featuring her face, shoes with Rubik’s cubes as heels, and more. “I’m a big fan of very unique shoes,” she says.

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“There are so many different vibes [in the line] because that’s who I am, and I love so many different things,” says Perry. “They all represent my personality and the many moods and characters I’ve displayed throughout my life and career.”

“Fashion is a way to express yourself, so I wanted to make personality pieces that will help you put an exclamation mark at the end of your wardrobe,” she continues. “We can say we’re funny or romantic or serious or sarcastic just by how we display ourselves.”

The entire line is very personal to her—”I’m basically leading the way in creativity,” she says—and she took it one step further in the way she named each of the pieces. “I chose some of my favorite girlfriends and my female family members and named all the shoes after them,” says Perry. “So they’re all getting their own shoe, I guess, so that’s really fun. I tried to pair the shoes that best represented their personality. I didn’t necessarily shape the shoe after them, but I decided to make the shoes more name specific in the end.”

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The Hillary, for example, is named after Hillary Clinton, for whom Perry relentlessly (and fashionably) campaigned during Clinton’s 2016 presidential run. “Her shoe is also a classic pump with a clear heel but it’s got stars in the heel, so it’s a pep in her step,” Perry explains of the shoe.

Girls stars Allison Williams and Lena Dunham have their own styles named after them, too. The Lena, a sparkly sneaker, is named after the Girls creator “because she is the coolest tomboy to me,” says Perry. “She embraces everything and she isn’t afraid to be who she is. And that sparkle sneaker reminded me of her.” The A.W. heel, a patent pump with a tie-dye, gradient-filled clear heel is named after Allison Williams because “it’s classic with some edge on the side,” says Perry. “It’s kind of classic pump but with a spin, as far as materials goes.”

One of her favorites? The Shannon, a flat that looks like a ’50s car, complete with a plastic windshield, which is named after her best friend Shannon, and “an homage” to the quirky items she’d find in consignment and thrift stores. “That’s what is so great about fashion,” she says. “It’s a form of communication. You don’t have to start a smoking habit to start talking to someone. You can just wear cool shoes. It’s an icebreaker.”

And for more fun styles to shop now, check out a few of our favorites, below!

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